Changing With The Times…


We are most assuredly in a time of great change both collectively and as a world, a planet, a universe and as individuals along the path of life. For all who have embraced a spiritual path in becoming, who are guided by the soul, intuition and the ability to read the ethers and energy, will know this hands down, as well as how to adapt to these changes outside of ones self and to the ones that are calling you to make for your own personal healing at this time.

Each change that occurs is an invitation based on a choice willingly or through resistance whose time has come, asking what is within you that needs more healing or what’s needs to change? Perhaps asking you to stretch beyond petty resentments and acts of disempowerment/self sabotage that comes from the wounded ego self or the inner child, who is longing to breathe free and not feel they need to hold up the fort and over protect each part of you all day long.

Lets not kid ourselves, none of us are the same since the new now began, we can try to wish as in please let us not force a personal growth or transformation at this time and one may get this wish. Yet, like the eagle flying free to a new destination, the discovery or rebirth amongst powerful change did not happen over night, nor with the blink of an eye or wishful thinking. The great winged one knew at some point, it would be time to test and expand his or her wings, to bring to the forefront all that has been learned.

We change with the times that are beyond our control by living one day at time, by seeking the shelter of grace and empowerment that comes from trying new things and resting in what brings solace and peace amongst the gentle wings or the blowing winds of change.

This is a great time for reinvention as the world lets us know it is later than we think, so time to put those long over do actions, communications, thoughts or healing intentions in motion. Nothing to fear, stagnation is not movement with learning, it is the resistance that the ego and or familiar pathway keeps one stuck. Take a chance and allow your spiritual soul self to grow amongst all this change in the new now, risk, try, expand and love yourself each step of the way.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

Love Energy Meditation


This takes no more than five minutes and can be done any time through out the day. Take a few moments and enjoy the energy that comes through, to bless and rejuvenate all of your chakras, bringing in balance. Connecting you body, mind and spirit.

Between each placements of hands, give a few moments to allow each part of you to connect and feel the love energy from this meditation. You can also say positive words as in self validation to each area as you go. The power of words and love energy, heals and empowers. (Eyes do not have to be closed for this meditation; the choice is yours per each hand placement)

Now you begin

Center yourself in stillness

Take a few cleansing deep breaths, breathing in love and exhaling any concerns, stress or blocked energy

Bring your hands up, palms open and place on your crown chakra

Bless your crown chakra with love

Bring your hands, palms facing, place over your eyes, give your eyes love

Now bring hands, palms facing and place over your throat area, this is where we communicate from and give this area love

Now bring your hands and place over your heart, palms facing your heart

Give your heart love

Now bring hands to your solar plexus, tummy area, place hands over this area and give love

Pre- coming out of meditation, take a few moments and bring your hands facing outward up by your heart chakra, send out love to our world, people and situations that would benefit from this blessing.

This lovely up lifting easy to do meditation with no muss no fuss, was created for one of my recent E learning programs, may it contribute to your day, your life living in now, bringing in that grace we know as peace and the inspiration that hope blesses us with.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

Gratitude, One Of My Favorite Graces


Gratitude; is one of my favorite graces and it is a grace and power, todays fresh wisdom article is an antidote to feeling, sensing the effects of way too much fear in the vibes, it is from a new program that I recently created Creating Grace & Empowerment In The New Now.


Gratitude inspires and has the potential when put into play by words, by sharing, by gifting, by writing, by prayers and thoughts to self, to restore and rebuild ones inner resolve and ability to adapt and be motivated through the power of Living Gratitude.

I consider Gratitude a grace, there are more than a few spiritually based words that can be seen and felt as a Grace and Gratitude humbles and heals me and more often than not, redirects my thoughts away from problems real or imagined and sets me right in thought, energy and action.

A Gratitude Prayer Meditation

Eyes closed, focusing on inward and if you need to take a few cleansing clearing breathes to exhale fear, stress or lack, do it and then breathe in Gratitude, breathe in love

Place hands on your heart and say to spirit and to self

I bless my heart and life with gratitude

I bless all of my chakras with gratitude

I bless my emotions with gratitude

I bless my body with gratitude

I bless my intentions and prayers for my good with gratitude

I bless my mind, my thoughts, my consciousness with gratitude

I bless spirit with gratitude

I bless this day with gratitude

I bless all who I hold dear and all whom I meet this day with gratitude

I am blessed thank you

When we do an action that has a positive energetic force field within it, this also directs our thoughts and energy away from our problems and while we are doing this, along with surrender, then the heavens have a way to come on in and do their wonderous things for us.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020 In The New Now




Adapting In The New Now


Hello fellow soul travelers on the path of transformation and becoming in the new now. I call this time we are all walking, healing and transforming through The New Now, as it is new. As a global collective we have never had to Adapt to our current way of life until now.

Meeting all the challenges with no time frames and the emotions that go along with this new time, does and will create certain challenges on many levels as to how best to Adapt, as well as learning how the power of Resolve when invited in and practiced, does have the emotionally and spiritual capacity to assist with one staying the coarse in strength, grace and calm faith.

The landscape “Energetically” changes daily out in the world and as we are now well into our second month of the new now. I not only sense and feel this in how people are choosing to react and or not adapt when out doing my daily walks. I get the frustration, but sitting in front of the TV news memorized by way too much fear and projections of the worst-case scenarios will not bring one into calm resolve, needed sanity or peace.

I have read some great articles by wise teachers and people I consider mentors on the path of life. Who always ensure to offer clear guidance while looking at both sides of what people may be going through. Positive messages and creating a positive way to navigate life is not new to me, it is a choice I choose and work at daily, for I too can allow the seeds and weeds of scarcity, old tired resentments back into my heart and mind. I choose not to, and when they appear, I may give them time if they offer the value of more inner healing that needs to happen.

My favorite words of wisdom that caught my eye and ignited my interest to adapt and master, was this wisdom, “How will choose to walk through this time”? I love that, will you believe there is an end, will you choose to see or sense a greater purpose to all of this global shut down and world Virus, as in the beginning stages of birth for a better humanity on the other side. Hoping to get back to normal? Ah nop, that time has passed, I do not think so, not as we knew life pre this new now.

I can remember in my prayers two months back when this all began, praying for the wisdom and insight to Adapt and asking spirit to guide me with the Life Strategizes, Courage, Strength, Tenacity and the power of Resolve to see me through, yes I ask spirit for everything,

Not that I do not have my own worldly wisdom from many years being and serving on the planet, why not go to the source, the source of all that is, miracles and wisdom are found there, just as they are when you take the time to disconnect from all the madness, look within and there you meet your wise one who knows all, follow their lead beyond the news or any side walk craziness that may be happening.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020 In The New Now