Adapting In The New Now


Hello fellow soul travelers on the path of transformation and becoming in the new now. I call this time we are all walking, healing and transforming through The New Now, as it is new. As a global collective we have never had to Adapt to our current way of life until now.

Meeting all the challenges with no time frames and the emotions that go along with this new time, does and will create certain challenges on many levels as to how best to Adapt, as well as learning how the power of Resolve when invited in and practiced, does have the emotionally and spiritual capacity to assist with one staying the coarse in strength, grace and calm faith.

The landscape “Energetically” changes daily out in the world and as we are now well into our second month of the new now. I not only sense and feel this in how people are choosing to react and or not adapt when out doing my daily walks. I get the frustration, but sitting in front of the TV news memorized by way too much fear and projections of the worst-case scenarios will not bring one into calm resolve, needed sanity or peace.

I have read some great articles by wise teachers and people I consider mentors on the path of life. Who always ensure to offer clear guidance while looking at both sides of what people may be going through. Positive messages and creating a positive way to navigate life is not new to me, it is a choice I choose and work at daily, for I too can allow the seeds and weeds of scarcity, old tired resentments back into my heart and mind. I choose not to, and when they appear, I may give them time if they offer the value of more inner healing that needs to happen.

My favorite words of wisdom that caught my eye and ignited my interest to adapt and master, was this wisdom, “How will choose to walk through this time”? I love that, will you believe there is an end, will you choose to see or sense a greater purpose to all of this global shut down and world Virus, as in the beginning stages of birth for a better humanity on the other side. Hoping to get back to normal? Ah nop, that time has passed, I do not think so, not as we knew life pre this new now.

I can remember in my prayers two months back when this all began, praying for the wisdom and insight to Adapt and asking spirit to guide me with the Life Strategizes, Courage, Strength, Tenacity and the power of Resolve to see me through, yes I ask spirit for everything,

Not that I do not have my own worldly wisdom from many years being and serving on the planet, why not go to the source, the source of all that is, miracles and wisdom are found there, just as they are when you take the time to disconnect from all the madness, look within and there you meet your wise one who knows all, follow their lead beyond the news or any side walk craziness that may be happening.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020 In The New Now



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