Gratitude, One Of My Favorite Graces


Gratitude; is one of my favorite graces and it is a grace and power, todays fresh wisdom article is an antidote to feeling, sensing the effects of way too much fear in the vibes, it is from a new program that I recently created Creating Grace & Empowerment In The New Now.


Gratitude inspires and has the potential when put into play by words, by sharing, by gifting, by writing, by prayers and thoughts to self, to restore and rebuild ones inner resolve and ability to adapt and be motivated through the power of Living Gratitude.

I consider Gratitude a grace, there are more than a few spiritually based words that can be seen and felt as a Grace and Gratitude humbles and heals me and more often than not, redirects my thoughts away from problems real or imagined and sets me right in thought, energy and action.

A Gratitude Prayer Meditation

Eyes closed, focusing on inward and if you need to take a few cleansing clearing breathes to exhale fear, stress or lack, do it and then breathe in Gratitude, breathe in love

Place hands on your heart and say to spirit and to self

I bless my heart and life with gratitude

I bless all of my chakras with gratitude

I bless my emotions with gratitude

I bless my body with gratitude

I bless my intentions and prayers for my good with gratitude

I bless my mind, my thoughts, my consciousness with gratitude

I bless spirit with gratitude

I bless this day with gratitude

I bless all who I hold dear and all whom I meet this day with gratitude

I am blessed thank you

When we do an action that has a positive energetic force field within it, this also directs our thoughts and energy away from our problems and while we are doing this, along with surrender, then the heavens have a way to come on in and do their wonderous things for us.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020 In The New Now




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