Love Energy Meditation


This takes no more than five minutes and can be done any time through out the day. Take a few moments and enjoy the energy that comes through, to bless and rejuvenate all of your chakras, bringing in balance. Connecting you body, mind and spirit.

Between each placements of hands, give a few moments to allow each part of you to connect and feel the love energy from this meditation. You can also say positive words as in self validation to each area as you go. The power of words and love energy, heals and empowers. (Eyes do not have to be closed for this meditation; the choice is yours per each hand placement)

Now you begin

Center yourself in stillness

Take a few cleansing deep breaths, breathing in love and exhaling any concerns, stress or blocked energy

Bring your hands up, palms open and place on your crown chakra

Bless your crown chakra with love

Bring your hands, palms facing, place over your eyes, give your eyes love

Now bring hands, palms facing and place over your throat area, this is where we communicate from and give this area love

Now bring your hands and place over your heart, palms facing your heart

Give your heart love

Now bring hands to your solar plexus, tummy area, place hands over this area and give love

Pre- coming out of meditation, take a few moments and bring your hands facing outward up by your heart chakra, send out love to our world, people and situations that would benefit from this blessing.

This lovely up lifting easy to do meditation with no muss no fuss, was created for one of my recent E learning programs, may it contribute to your day, your life living in now, bringing in that grace we know as peace and the inspiration that hope blesses us with.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

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