Changing With The Times…


We are most assuredly in a time of great change both collectively and as a world, a planet, a universe and as individuals along the path of life. For all who have embraced a spiritual path in becoming, who are guided by the soul, intuition and the ability to read the ethers and energy, will know this hands down, as well as how to adapt to these changes outside of ones self and to the ones that are calling you to make for your own personal healing at this time.

Each change that occurs is an invitation based on a choice willingly or through resistance whose time has come, asking what is within you that needs more healing or what’s needs to change? Perhaps asking you to stretch beyond petty resentments and acts of disempowerment/self sabotage that comes from the wounded ego self or the inner child, who is longing to breathe free and not feel they need to hold up the fort and over protect each part of you all day long.

Lets not kid ourselves, none of us are the same since the new now began, we can try to wish as in please let us not force a personal growth or transformation at this time and one may get this wish. Yet, like the eagle flying free to a new destination, the discovery or rebirth amongst powerful change did not happen over night, nor with the blink of an eye or wishful thinking. The great winged one knew at some point, it would be time to test and expand his or her wings, to bring to the forefront all that has been learned.

We change with the times that are beyond our control by living one day at time, by seeking the shelter of grace and empowerment that comes from trying new things and resting in what brings solace and peace amongst the gentle wings or the blowing winds of change.

This is a great time for reinvention as the world lets us know it is later than we think, so time to put those long over do actions, communications, thoughts or healing intentions in motion. Nothing to fear, stagnation is not movement with learning, it is the resistance that the ego and or familiar pathway keeps one stuck. Take a chance and allow your spiritual soul self to grow amongst all this change in the new now, risk, try, expand and love yourself each step of the way.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

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