Anchored In Grace…


Ships need to set there sails so that they are coordinated with a direction, to inspire smooth sailing to their destination. At times enroute they need to cast their anchor till a storm passes or until they find their bearings at sea and for calm waters to prevail, pre continuing their journey.

Symbolic wisdom, insights, words and meaning hold great value and teachings to me, they always have. I may find them within a new article posted by a writer I adore, spirits gentle whispering in my listening attuned ear or from a fellow Master teacher within an E mail communication.

These revelations, inspirations and insights from within and outside always encourage one to think, use and reflect on how to navigate with a new perspective that empower all parts of us, yet keeping certain practices and beliefs that work and feel right, along this new passageway we are all experiencing at this time in our world.

A few wisdoms and words that have brought solace and power recently

The word Anchor as in be anchored in grace, one’s faith, one’s endurance

Be an “Astute Navigator”, I love that line, as in when we think of being Astute we are on the ball and fully awake at the helm of our ship, Navigator means we lean into our wisdom and life experience and tenacity to see you through the passages that are rocky and uncertain

Live within a 24-hour period as spirit guided me when asking OK what’s up? How to move forward and adapt in the new now? The whispering reply came as take it one day at a time

Do not fall into any vat or quicksand of Complacency as in thinking what’s the use, lets stay the same and not even reach or try for our dreams or contribute to new change

Energy is all things “Empathy Overload” and one must learn to pinpoint what is mine, the worlds and another’s so as not to fall prey to over thinking or getting lost in a healing vortex of issues that are healed

Its more than OK to be stunned or awed by the times we are living in as it is a very first for all

Patience and Practicality are the wisdoms that came through today, patience to be in the moment, to remain in and be the light, being Practical with wise discernment and patience can lead any gambler to become very lucky in manifesting to hold their hand in the game of life just a little bit longer… as our ship sails on to unknown shores yet arriving at an even greater destination than planned, this is what faith and each prayer grants, guides and blesses us on the journey.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020






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