Living The Light Of Grace Through Worthiness

Solutions By Michael

Sayings such as Spirit is source, co/create your own reality, gratitude activates a flow, pray now not later, all of these word expressions are there to empower one’s belief in self and ones connection to the divine.

This morning: I think of the word and the energy or Worthiness and how when we invite being worthy into our being to manifest, receive and co/create our intentions, does add a vibration that heals any lack or limitations.

I am worthy flows so much better than I deserve. I am worthy versus I deserve to have this promotion, this miracle, works in a way for our highest good, rather than a vibe of entitlement or owed and what is do that deserve can imply to may way of thinking.

We are all meant to have our dreams, the abundant blessings from spirit and the generous universe make manifest from doing our part with faith and cocreating with spirit, our intuition, that will be made manifest and arrive for our highest good, helping all along with the grace of ones light and the power of surrender.

Be blessed this day as you ask your soul self, where do I feel worthy? Where or what in my energy read of this life passage do I feel stalled and unworthy? what am I guided to do by spirit and my soul to activate a new level of worthiness into my consciousness. Worthiness is a grace and a light guiding you forward in ones full creative and vibrant self.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

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