“How I became A Confident Reader & What Makes A Good Reading” By Michael

Readings Part 3

From The Reading Table (Part 3) 

Welcome to Part 3, this new story will complete these memory writings and series From The Reading Table, which has been a blessing for me to share and reflect on here. About 7 years ago I retired from doing professional readings full time. Still offering; but in a new format that is more interactive and beneficial for the client experience, and less based on what one would call traditional prediction-based readings.

I grew into being a confident trusted Reader by doing, my Reading career launched as told in Part 1 and grew to include doing professional engagements at holistic spas, a busy popular psychic studio, new age book stores, corporate events as in office Xmas parties and summer gatherings, group events where I was hosted and the one on ones by phone, E mail and in person.

Teach what you long to Master as the saying goes. Over time, I did create out of a need and many client request, interactive seminars and master classes on Intuition and being Psychic. A good reading will always validate and uplift the client in the positive, a good reader will have cultivated an acute eye and trusted inner wisdom connected to source and his/her guides, to be a clear channel for empowering information, healing and wisdom, along with practical life tools the client can use and benefit from.

The best readings happen when the client comes open and is willing to be seen and participate in the experience, its not always about oh you will never have a problem, will marry a fabulous millionaire, and live in a penthouse. My job at the reading table is to offer fresh helpful intuitive hits and insights that would best guide and assist the client with their life choices, the ability to reveal potentials, problems or positive opportunities, that are lurking within the energies and offer life strategies and solutions. It has always been about empowering another for their life journey.

Readings and time frames shift, nothing is set in stone, as human we change our minds, and this will indeed affect any outcomes or lack of patience to see one’s dreams being built over time. The client always rules their destiny and a good reader needs to have strong yet loving boundaries, serve without attachment or seeking validation, the ability to know when its appropriate to share certain wisdom that would help another or place on hold for a later date.

Today some 20 years later, I began as the reluctant healer and psychic, yet with spirit and my guides, angel’s guidance, love and support from more than a few earth angels, family and soul companions along way, cheering me on. I kept going and doing as folks keep showing up.

I now have the utmost respect and gratitude for each client/student I had the grace and honor to read for and teach. As well as an earned self respect for myself and the craft,

For staying the coarse till I knew one phase of the journey was completed and mastered with love, wisdom and gratitude. Now in this year of 2020 meant to evolve into something else, always in service, be it out in the world wearing another hat or at the virtual reading table.

Michael @ Wisdom Blog 2020


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