“Let It Be Enough”

Let It Be Enough

I am blessed to have in my life a few very wise and loving spiritual teachers, mentors whom I get to call soul family and friends. In a recent conversation with one these fab wise ones, I was sharing about manifesting, working on and through one’s healing issues, intentions etc. I have never been lazy about getting to and participating in one’s inner work.

We are most certainly more than our desires and healing intentions, as this wise Master’s contribution to this inspiring chat came as “let it be enough”. I love that, as in when you have done all you can on your end, come to the place of self acceptance and this most certainly includes one’s dreams and desires. Let your life just as you stand today and where you may be on the journey “let it be enough”.

As active doers on the healing and manifesting path we can at times get lost in all the action of co/creating and doing the steps. Letting it be enough is never about lack or not doing our part in manifesting or attracting better circumstances, that was not the seed of this Masters intention in his wise words. I love when wisdom comes into my being that is ringing and vibrating needed truth and up lifting validation.

So to all you wonderful fellow soul travels reading this, just for this day, in this shared moment in our new now, let your life just as it is and what is in front of you be enough, the opposite of always striving or thinking you have not arrived, the grace in this brings such peace and loving self acceptance, good enough and worthy enough to have, to make manifest, to share and to celebrate the parts of ones journey that may not always be visible and on display.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

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