The 12 Wisdoms Of Hope Created & Presented By Michael


Michaels Poster

Hope leads the way and will ignite a renewed sense of faith in one’s path regardless of outer conditions. Intuition will always speak to us, as will the power of the unseen will come into play when one is open and has asked for “Energetic Healing” assistance.

In the 12 Wisdoms, each has their root in Hope as they provide a pathway and learning that comes from the unseen within ourselves and when we reach in or call out to the 12 Wisdoms connected to Hope, they are there.

When all else fails or seems to in life, we are encouraged to move beyond our skepticism and try antidotes that will lift one up, guide and show a way in, around and through at times what is presented to us. Each of the 12 Wisdom does connect one to their own healer and Master guide within, through their teachings that are explained within this new E learning that was first created and came into being March of this year, when our world shifted, changed and stopped in one moment of time.


The 12 Wisdoms OF Hope

  1. The Essence Of Hope
  2. The Grace of Endurance
  3. Fortitude
  4. Faith, A Positive Motivation
  5. Gratitude
  6. Power Of The Unseen
  7. The New Now, Present Time Living
  8. The Wise One Within
  9. The Resourceful Healer
  10. Ones Inner Power Shaman
  11. Energy In All Things
  12. Rituals & Ceremony, Calling In The Sacred

Clients who have benefited from all of my many popular group seminars, E classes and private classes/sessions, are now able to enjoy this new E Learning Program offered in The 12 Wisdom Of Hope that will speak to the parts of your spiritual soul self in how to best to navigate ones current personal and global transformation, while using and connecting to the 12 Wisdom and practices.

What Clients Say

I loved your recent 11 Day E course received via E mail. Practical teachings that speak to the heart. This course is already fabulous Michael!!! I loved the video of the prayer from St Theresa Of Avila, the meditations infusion downloads, and daily wisdoms, thank you for this course I am excited for more Sarah M TV Casting Agent Vancouver Canada

The Program

  • Offers an easy to relate to practical format of learning, within the 12 Wisdom exercises
  • Program is sent to your E mail inbox in its entirety via attachments
  • Invites all clients to set a side a committed time to do one Wisdom a day for 12 days
  • Ask Michael “Interactive E Mail Wisdom”, invites clients to send three questions topic based from the program, once program has been read in its entirety, used, and reflected on. This would be from the ones within the 12 Wisdoms that you care to learn more about, or how best you can use and connect to for your own personal healing transformation.
  • Program Cost $35.00
  • Program Options, (1) includes full program with a long-distance healing “intention based” $110. (2) Program, healing, and post session wisdom reading sent via E mail once healing has been sent $135.00

To Purchase

Payments are welcomed via E Bank Transfer or with Pay Pal. Clients will receive a confirmation once program request and payment has been received. You will then receive your Program via E mail attachment. For those booking the program and healing option, the best time and date for you to enjoy your session will be reserved in advanced.

It is my heart felt pleasure; to share and welcome all to enjoy these empowering and inspirational teachings and wisdoms at this time, Michael


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