Navigating; The Ever-Changing Global Energy Compass & Shifts, Day To Day…

Cosmic Compass

Today we are at least five months into the new now and the practice of what I call Social Discernment. Much has changed in a blink of an eye; much healing is now taking place on a global energetic scale and on a personal level. We feel it, we know this.

It can become over whelming when you try to grasp the big picture of all of this energy and change we are all feeling, weathering through day to day, if you are in tuned and a highly empathic energy reader or not, we all know at this time on the planet something is up, healing and transforming.

So, with this in mind, I thought it best to share some helpful tips in the awareness that change brings in, be it for one’s personal healing journey, or in the new now connected to the whole.

  • Do not throw in the towel when you reach the point of being or feeling over whelmed; as in what’s the use, I give up and cannot for the life of me, discern any more what is mine and what is the other. This is a powerful place to be, time heals all and when we allow our souls the time even in pain to speak the truth to what is really happening, then this is where the heart center of your true power, intuitive healer and self worth lives.


  • As the global energy shifts and a global collective is triggered into healing, this may at times trigger old wounds and old negative self talk as in questioning all or judging all, this can work as a blessing, when you can read between the lines and you receive that ah ha moment that comes into your awareness, then you follow the inner promptings in how to get on through to the other side, I know I know, as I have even caught myself saying to spirit, REALLY AGAIN even amongst all this global pain and healing, this has come again to heal, OK walk with me.


  • My favorite 3 prayers of late, Spirit bring me to higher ground, I give over all to you, I surrender, thy will be done and this wonderous inner jewel that’s creates empowerment gold, Help me to forgive self and others.

When we reflect and reach back into our vast healing energy resources or the helpful bag of healing tricks as I like to call them, the answers are there and I have always taught and tried within myself to have an inner compass and intuition that tells me the truth, not the illusions that the world at large can play into us, if we let it, like that hungry fearful ego self.

Everything passes and until it does and is transformed into even more self love and spiritual power within, then we adapt and truly embrace those days and moments of inner joy and peace that we find and share with our loved ones and strangers along the side walk of life, learning and growing in the new now.

Here is to this day, this moment, this week, this new now of blessings unfolding in faith, transformation, gratitude, healing and peace, Michael

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020





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