Upping Your Compassion…

The Faces Of Compassion

The True Faces Of Compassion 

Todays visual that shows Saint Mother Teresa and his holiness The Dalai Lama. I call the true faces of compassion, as they both have taught and continue to teach, that the face, energy and acts of compassion, does involve at times courage to speak up, courage to endure and to expand ones heart into sharing more kindness, now more than ever.

Just as we never judge a kind and gentle man as a week man, for underneath the cloak of each Masters grace, are the ones who have had to master their lessons/life teachings and not always in ease while eating a bowl of cherries watching Netflix, a little bit of humor goes along way, just as another Master always taught, take a breathe when faced with others who show no grace, before you become feisty, shave their heads and send them off the nearest temple for a past life review.

Upping ones compassion can come in a blink of an eye, an insight that where judgment and anger may have wanted to step in to please an old hurt, trigger or ego woundedness, our heart says wait, our soul says stretch and expand, rise above, see the bigger picture. Showing an example of loving compassion in action without reward is also the wisdom of the ages, connected to shaman medicine, as in fly under the radar. The warrior and Goddess who lives the energy of what is fair and right always knows this.

Compassion is a powerful grace and teaching as in to choose kindness over fear and hate. This word and what is means did not come easy to me in its true meaning, though I have always been kind, generous and humorous by nature, the real meaning took many teachings, serving others, being at work out in the world and raised by a family that challenged all of its meaning. I choose to up my compassion at this time in our new now, yet walk with an awakened eye and a hand held by spirit, leading the way.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020





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