I am a big believer in the power of prayer, pray now not later is my motto, we pray for the good of others, those we hold dear to our hearts, for the world, for strangers, we pray for our own healing journey at times to get on through.

We pray for strength to endure and to find meaning in the bigger picture, prayer restores what is out of balance, prayer protects, heals, guides and brings about divine wisdom and solutions, that speak to the part of you that needs the prayers of love to fill the space where fear, hopelessness and anger from old stories that no longer serves has entered.

Prayer was taught and came into my life from my amazing wise and powerful mother Doris, who showed me to pray on my knees by her bedside each night when I was young. To this day I give thanks to her for showing me the way of prayer, for in her heart she must of known I would need this grace through my wild years and adventures in this life.

Prayer can be formal, it can be quick said in a moment of time, does not matter how one prays or which channel you choose to pray to, all prayers lead to the same pathway of the divine, to lift our hearts, bless our souls and keep us centered and faith filled on the winding roads of learning, healing, gowning and adapting to the ever constant winds of change

and we pray, Prayer….

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