A Smorgasbord Of Life…


Life is for living, learning, spiritual growth, Mastery of some teachings and others may meet you the next life. Of life in the new now, we are all called to summon up within us the grace of endurance, the grace of intuitive smarts, the grace to be an astute navigator and an adapter of change, constant change.

With this in mind, here are some of the creative wisdoms that have been channeling through to me from spirit, prayers and thoughts as I go about my days.

Prayer, gives way to hearing answers, ideas and words, they come from spirit

Joyful laughter & Play, these two, most needed in the new now as in Remember the funny and to play, ahhh OMG yes more laugher please. I grew up in a tough backwoods area of eastern Canada, the people in this region have great senses of humor and have to endure trying circumstances such as brutal weather conditions, not much industry to earn a living, much poverty, yet there was always laughter and something to share with your neighbor be it a loaf of bread, clothes as in hand me downs and the ability to poke fun at ones self, as in not take it all so seriously, if you cannot laugh, then where are we.

Creative Ideas, are always born out of a need, desire or whose time has come to put into play, with risk, faith, courage and a love of the process, I write cause I love to, not for the audience, I write as it is like breathing to me and spirit shines his wisdom along the pages and creative process.

Money $$$$, yes Money, to share and to earn while doing what brings you joy and or finding the joy with all acts of service and right livelihood. Money is not the end result, but it sure helps to have more than enough after lean and growing times. It is an energy but not worth the energy to be obsessed about as in is there enough. We all know we get what we focus on, so as we all learn to transition in keeping with the financial times, we adapt, we give thanks, we share our resources in circulation and flow, as I know spirit is the source of my supply, its up to me to be wise with a worthy heart not to push the flow or the blessings away.

Walks In Nature, ahhh breathing in the love and grace our planet and nature. We honor the mother earth with our thanks as we enjoy her lasting grace to bring peace to our soul and tired bodies that need to just breathe, breathe in her goodness and give back to her with your prayers, respect, gratitude and love…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020



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