Creativity, Inventiveness & Service In The New Now…


I stay in touch with my New York roots and love of the city via the New York Post each evening online. I came across this young designer’s way to be of service and creative in our new now. The article is in the link

When I was a working full time for myself for many years, my success and earning a good income came from having the nerve, the gracious boldness and inventiveness to create a one of kind service, to benefit and contribute to the on going success, brand development and popularity of many companies, luxury events and successful entrepreneurs.

These times we all share call us to look back into our history, that shows us that when the bottom falls out of what we know as stability, then the awakened creative and inventor gets to work and does not shy away from trying new ideas, pitching new ideas whose time has come. Fortune favors the bold, a timeless mantra with creative inspiration that does empower.

This mind set certainly kept me afloat and in the flow of prosperity and continued entrepreneurial success when others employed my service by contract, events and trade shows. Ideas are born from necessity and will always come to fruition with a dash of tenacity, courage to try and not shy away for the challenge, to remain steadfast with the mind set of service to others, be it a product, a concept or ideas whose time has come to be shared with the world. Onward, upward and forward we go.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

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