Where Is Your Wisdom At???

Wisdom earned and learned is the corner stone of having a cultivated trusted intuition. It is not always easy to remain in clarity with self and connected intuition to soul and wisdom.

Sometimes our wisdom and intuition may seem to be off or lost for the moment but in actuality both are with us, when feeling not connected or there, as they always are, are actually preparing one for even more awareness and the unknowing is actually healing taking place, my beliefs.

What you do in the middle of not knowing will make all the difference, as humans we want to know, we desire full control and the hard part can be learning to master going with the flow and releasing the controls to spirit.

So; if you sense or feel lost as is not sure which direction to go in or that your wisdom has chosen to go on vacation and leave you stranded, fear not as with all things, this too shall pass, listen to the promptings from within and if they are not forth coming with a word or guidance.

Let that be enough and wait, how you spend your time waiting will make all the difference. Usually when this happens, I take it as a call to surrender, let go, let spirit, and pray to find the energy of contentment in the now as to what is.

When in the place of wisdom emotional flux and healing, one word from your intuition guided to you from soul, your prayers and spirit can feel like winning the lottery after no wisdom or hearing a solution, when lost in the desert or that feeling of nothingness from that place of the in-between. As in your not quite your future self and your sure not your past, this we call the in-between stage.

If any of what I am describing is with you or that feeling of loss of motivation to rise, shine and conquer great things, relax, being in the stillness of wide open spaces within and around ones life, offers much for one to cultivate other spiritual pursuits of mastery without expectations or force.

This moment is enough and your wisdom, soul solutions and intuition are certainly with you, just taking a breather for you to regain faith in faith and to be at peace in not always knowing, this is what it means to live your power, your soulful journey and healing process. Again, these are all my beliefs from a life lived in the pursuit of wisdom gained, searched for and found.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

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