Create The Things That U Wished Existed…

One of the greatest motivations we can apply and do in this new now that we are all sharing is this one statement, that completely makes sense to my way of thinking, “Do now what you have always wanted to do or dreamed of”. I take this to mean from the wild to the simple. If not now when?

Create the things that you wished existed; this was shared to me by one of my younger colleagues in my day job. The sentence striked a cord as I wrote it down on a post it note, as I knew I would use and write about, absolutely. Think for a moment and allow your creative inner voice and soul to speak to you. What would you like to create that has the slant and welcoming tone of a visionary?

I immediately thought of what in my service menu that I enjoy offering my clients for healing, inspiration, my writings, Usui Reiki and wisdom, what could I co/create with spirit, that would be imaginative, supportive to the world, creative and filled with a vital energy of the new whose time has come to benefit all at this time.

The possibilities when coming from that place of opened mindedness with spirit at the center of your grace are endless and good for one’s imagination to run wild. On a new now global level, think of all those blessed entrepreneurs, the spiritual masters, the healers, the scientist, artist and on we can add and go. A time of global chaos of transformation, would certainly do well to invite these brazen ideas to assist with the new now trying to unfold.

Even keeping your most creative and inventive ideas to yourself is more than OK, to let them flourish in the space of no judgment and silence, so as not to crush them pre their time of coming out. Just remember as you do, that boldness and to have the courage to stand alone and a part at times, when bringing something new that has never been expressed or done before, takes the courageous spirit of one who is not afraid to shine in a totally new light or originally, this is also where positive hope draws its essence from.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

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