The Time Zones Of Spirit & Soul

“The mind has the day, and the heart has the evening” Caroline Myss

It makes so much sense that our mind takes the day shift during waking hours and our emotions has the night. It will be in the evening, when your soul and body is resting or needs to be resting, that spirits wisdom can get through to you, and your intuition is in a relaxed state to hear spirits wisdom and to hear your soul speaks to you.

Sometimes it may be tears or the ability to finally process thoughts, conversations, things and people that came across your path during the day, or a situation that’s needs your direct attention and action, we need time to digest, connect with self amongst all busyness and daily task.

We want to savor our alone times when we can have them, away from others and the world and not fill them up with over thinking of the negative such as resentments or regrets, or over stuffing our spirit with social media and news madness of the day, and of late there is lots, so discernment is a must during these times, what we bring into our minds, body and soul.

Of course, if your world works in reverse such as working the night shift, getting shut eye during the day, then the same wisdom applies only in the opposite time frames. Give over all to spirit so you can have your times of rest and peace, especially if a certain person or problem ways heavy on your heart.

I do pre going to bed, I ask spirit to speak to my consciousness as I sleep, by passing my mind and thoughts to let me know the solutions to any on going concern, so that when I wake up in the morning refreshed and worry free, I hear the solution, give this a try and reflect on todays wisdom quote at the beginning of this new article.

Blessings in abundant grace, light and wisdom, Michael

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

Break Throughs, Toiling The Healing Soil…

The expression toiling the soil is an old adage that all of us can relate to who are on a healing path, busy trying our best to co/create new stories for ourselves, the new stories that no longer are filled with self depreciating dialogue that holds up our dreams, like hostages out of fear, disempowering beliefs, old internal tapes that we replay from the past, that no longer need to be with us.

Break throughs in our thinking and emotional freedom, come after toiling the inner soil of our soul. We may never know when that break through will come and this can be in regards to money issues, relationships, the wisdom we need to succeed, personal boundaries, its all in the mix.

You will know you have had a break through, when you feel that sense of inner peace, that state of grace that holds you in that place of, ahhh finally I get it, you hear spirit clearly beyond wishful thinking. I now understand the reasoning behind the teachings, my journal writing, my talks with up lifting spiritual friends, mentors, and soul family. It is now coming together.

We must never give up on ourselves, while thinking what’s the use, when will this particular issues heal?  When it feels like you have been working on it for ten lifetimes, we may say to spirit and ourselves. Break throughs give us that much needed breathing space, that place of inspiration, to take the new wisdom that has come after much inner work, intentions put forward, patience and courage and allow it to grow and settle into the new of who you are. You have arrived, well done and now enjoy the renewed focus and energy on what you have mastered after toiling the soil.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

Faith In Abundance, Not Fear…

“Fear of not having enough reveals a lack of Faith in ones life purpose and in the invisible power that surrounds and supports us” Caroline Myss

No teacher says it better, thank you Master Myss, clear, precise and to the spiritual point of turning inward into ones Faith, cultivate that faith that grows and brings you to live daily beyond fear and worry of not enough.

The unseen to me means our guides, our angels and spirits grace shining on us via the power of prayer, faith and ones ability to listen and act on that wonderful intuitive creativity, fortune favoring the bold, yes!!!.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

Integrity, I am …

When I think of the word Integrity, like Truth, there is no substitute, as in one cannot negotiate ones integrity away, in order to appease another or for any amount of cash or prestige, if it does not resonate with the truth of how you are living and how you choose to be in this world.

Integrity is an energy and wisdom that we feel and know, as in what is right and wrong, we just know it, we can sense it in others and ourselves when we are on track with our life path, not veering off to tell short tiny lies to ourselves to another, it takes courage and grace to be in this world shinning your light, while remaining in integrity.

This word Integrity and its meaning has been coming to me from spirit of late. When I began to have second thoughts or over think a particular situation. I could hear spirits whisper over and over again, stay in your integrity, which to me means all was handled in the way it was supposed to be, with integrity.

Self respect, dignity and integrity all share the same empowering essence, which means when we care for ourselves, our worldly business, how we communicate and project who we are out in the world. I can only pray to hold myself in grace and calm poise in all situations. I look to this as something to always strive for, as in spirit let me hold my head up and navigate this life with integrity, dignity and grace, all situations.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

Love What You Have…

The teachings of love what you have and focus on your good have been coming to me for a while now. As our world around us erupts and transforms, I see this as a vital way to view things and to keep my perspective focused on the good, the hopeful, the grace that spirit and prayers bring.

The challenge will be to cultivate an even greater faith if our view and energy is only focused on the bills that are due, what’s wrong in the world and other people and what we need. Ya get what ya focus on as the saying goes, hence the teaching of switching one’s mind set to faith and like the master, keeping it in the positive at all times.

Not always easy but as with any intention, pray and ask spirit to give you the word, the guidance, the wisdom on how to create with spirit what you are desiring, as well as how to have the faith to maintain a positive faith filled mind set. Love what you have, think and reflect on this today, I am sure your list will grow when reflecting from a place of love, self worth and gratitude.

A blessed Thanksgiving one and all, Michael

Stop Waiting, Start Creating…

As once told to me by a wise spiritual mentor and teacher were these words that instilled and ignited my stalled creativity, they went as follows, “the opposite of waiting is creating”. I take this as needed inspiration, when things are in a creative slow down or your finding more ebb than flow in the game of life.

Certain sayings and words have a way to empower and create the fuel needed to welcome in new ideas, explore creativity with a twist and even the grace that faith and hope brings. Today, ask yourself? what ideas, or thoughts has your intuition been trying to relate to you beyond any form of resistance or stagnation, such as procrastination or wearing the why bother T Shirt as the world is a mess?

We are always receiving guidance, we can deny this through over worrying, watching way too much news, or keeping ourselves way to busy. Yet if we pick up a pen and some paper and allow our imagination to run wild and just explore one’s inner landscape, you may be surprised just what’s been sitting on the back burner.

Many wise inventions or even new ways to create a new story for your life regardless of what is happening or where you stand today, have been born from just putting one foot in front of the other. These types of sayings and wisdoms are never about reinventing the wheel, its more about letting yourself know, that YOU DO HAVE THE POWER to co/create at all times, the power of choice and the power of words as to what we say to self and others, also can make  a huge difference in how ones views their circumstances.

Working for myself as a successful entrepreneur and business owner taught me many things, one was the ability to get out of my own way and fear and allow spirit to run the show. Many ideas and services were well received while others at times did not create any interest or a blip. Was I down hearted by this? Disappointed? Maybe for a few moments or days and then boom, off to the races my imagination and creative angels would be channeling another concept to be birthed to the benefits of my clients and others.

We at least always have to try, nothing gained by not trying or giving ourselves the permission to succeed, never mind the teaching’s and wisdom that comes from efforts that are not even put forth with a new breathe of creative inspiration or failure. Our time invites all of us in this powerful and rocky global transformation to come even further out into the light, the edge of our desires and put them out there, to sail in the wind, some will catch others will perhaps remain on the back burner for another time. Chance is in the doing, not the opposite.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020