Stop Waiting, Start Creating…

As once told to me by a wise spiritual mentor and teacher were these words that instilled and ignited my stalled creativity, they went as follows, “the opposite of waiting is creating”. I take this as needed inspiration, when things are in a creative slow down or your finding more ebb than flow in the game of life.

Certain sayings and words have a way to empower and create the fuel needed to welcome in new ideas, explore creativity with a twist and even the grace that faith and hope brings. Today, ask yourself? what ideas, or thoughts has your intuition been trying to relate to you beyond any form of resistance or stagnation, such as procrastination or wearing the why bother T Shirt as the world is a mess?

We are always receiving guidance, we can deny this through over worrying, watching way too much news, or keeping ourselves way to busy. Yet if we pick up a pen and some paper and allow our imagination to run wild and just explore one’s inner landscape, you may be surprised just what’s been sitting on the back burner.

Many wise inventions or even new ways to create a new story for your life regardless of what is happening or where you stand today, have been born from just putting one foot in front of the other. These types of sayings and wisdoms are never about reinventing the wheel, its more about letting yourself know, that YOU DO HAVE THE POWER to co/create at all times, the power of choice and the power of words as to what we say to self and others, also can make  a huge difference in how ones views their circumstances.

Working for myself as a successful entrepreneur and business owner taught me many things, one was the ability to get out of my own way and fear and allow spirit to run the show. Many ideas and services were well received while others at times did not create any interest or a blip. Was I down hearted by this? Disappointed? Maybe for a few moments or days and then boom, off to the races my imagination and creative angels would be channeling another concept to be birthed to the benefits of my clients and others.

We at least always have to try, nothing gained by not trying or giving ourselves the permission to succeed, never mind the teaching’s and wisdom that comes from efforts that are not even put forth with a new breathe of creative inspiration or failure. Our time invites all of us in this powerful and rocky global transformation to come even further out into the light, the edge of our desires and put them out there, to sail in the wind, some will catch others will perhaps remain on the back burner for another time. Chance is in the doing, not the opposite.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

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