Love What You Have…

The teachings of love what you have and focus on your good have been coming to me for a while now. As our world around us erupts and transforms, I see this as a vital way to view things and to keep my perspective focused on the good, the hopeful, the grace that spirit and prayers bring.

The challenge will be to cultivate an even greater faith if our view and energy is only focused on the bills that are due, what’s wrong in the world and other people and what we need. Ya get what ya focus on as the saying goes, hence the teaching of switching one’s mind set to faith and like the master, keeping it in the positive at all times.

Not always easy but as with any intention, pray and ask spirit to give you the word, the guidance, the wisdom on how to create with spirit what you are desiring, as well as how to have the faith to maintain a positive faith filled mind set. Love what you have, think and reflect on this today, I am sure your list will grow when reflecting from a place of love, self worth and gratitude.

A blessed Thanksgiving one and all, Michael

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