Integrity, I am …

When I think of the word Integrity, like Truth, there is no substitute, as in one cannot negotiate ones integrity away, in order to appease another or for any amount of cash or prestige, if it does not resonate with the truth of how you are living and how you choose to be in this world.

Integrity is an energy and wisdom that we feel and know, as in what is right and wrong, we just know it, we can sense it in others and ourselves when we are on track with our life path, not veering off to tell short tiny lies to ourselves to another, it takes courage and grace to be in this world shinning your light, while remaining in integrity.

This word Integrity and its meaning has been coming to me from spirit of late. When I began to have second thoughts or over think a particular situation. I could hear spirits whisper over and over again, stay in your integrity, which to me means all was handled in the way it was supposed to be, with integrity.

Self respect, dignity and integrity all share the same empowering essence, which means when we care for ourselves, our worldly business, how we communicate and project who we are out in the world. I can only pray to hold myself in grace and calm poise in all situations. I look to this as something to always strive for, as in spirit let me hold my head up and navigate this life with integrity, dignity and grace, all situations.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

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