Break Throughs, Toiling The Healing Soil…

The expression toiling the soil is an old adage that all of us can relate to who are on a healing path, busy trying our best to co/create new stories for ourselves, the new stories that no longer are filled with self depreciating dialogue that holds up our dreams, like hostages out of fear, disempowering beliefs, old internal tapes that we replay from the past, that no longer need to be with us.

Break throughs in our thinking and emotional freedom, come after toiling the inner soil of our soul. We may never know when that break through will come and this can be in regards to money issues, relationships, the wisdom we need to succeed, personal boundaries, its all in the mix.

You will know you have had a break through, when you feel that sense of inner peace, that state of grace that holds you in that place of, ahhh finally I get it, you hear spirit clearly beyond wishful thinking. I now understand the reasoning behind the teachings, my journal writing, my talks with up lifting spiritual friends, mentors, and soul family. It is now coming together.

We must never give up on ourselves, while thinking what’s the use, when will this particular issues heal?  When it feels like you have been working on it for ten lifetimes, we may say to spirit and ourselves. Break throughs give us that much needed breathing space, that place of inspiration, to take the new wisdom that has come after much inner work, intentions put forward, patience and courage and allow it to grow and settle into the new of who you are. You have arrived, well done and now enjoy the renewed focus and energy on what you have mastered after toiling the soil.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

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