The Time Zones Of Spirit & Soul

“The mind has the day, and the heart has the evening” Caroline Myss

It makes so much sense that our mind takes the day shift during waking hours and our emotions has the night. It will be in the evening, when your soul and body is resting or needs to be resting, that spirits wisdom can get through to you, and your intuition is in a relaxed state to hear spirits wisdom and to hear your soul speaks to you.

Sometimes it may be tears or the ability to finally process thoughts, conversations, things and people that came across your path during the day, or a situation that’s needs your direct attention and action, we need time to digest, connect with self amongst all busyness and daily task.

We want to savor our alone times when we can have them, away from others and the world and not fill them up with over thinking of the negative such as resentments or regrets, or over stuffing our spirit with social media and news madness of the day, and of late there is lots, so discernment is a must during these times, what we bring into our minds, body and soul.

Of course, if your world works in reverse such as working the night shift, getting shut eye during the day, then the same wisdom applies only in the opposite time frames. Give over all to spirit so you can have your times of rest and peace, especially if a certain person or problem ways heavy on your heart.

I do pre going to bed, I ask spirit to speak to my consciousness as I sleep, by passing my mind and thoughts to let me know the solutions to any on going concern, so that when I wake up in the morning refreshed and worry free, I hear the solution, give this a try and reflect on todays wisdom quote at the beginning of this new article.

Blessings in abundant grace, light and wisdom, Michael

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

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