Wealth In The Garden Meditation

This specific meditation is very powerful and healing, it was created by yours truly for one of my on line E classes and now is included in my latest E class that starts tomorrow, 7 Days Of Space Blessing bliss. May this Meditation, which I love doing and sharing, provide you with an inner landscape to hold you in grace and bring forth the blessings.

You can do this meditation as many times as you need. Though in this case, do it once at the beginning of your program and allow to intergrade over your coarse time frame.

You can record this or you can read over a few times and then do, the choice is yours.

Meditations Begins:

Bring your self into a place of centeredness and peace. Take some cleansing breaths. You are now in a beautiful opulent nature setting, lots of flowers, green grass, trees and open spaces.

  • Surround yourself with violet and gold light, like a ceremonial blanket, invite your child self and all parts of you to join in this magical setting and be willing to receive.
  • There are two treasure chests in front of you, one is the color of white and the other is gold. Off to the side of these chests, dig a large circle pit in the ground.
  • Open the white one, there you will find your book of memories, this book of memories is filled with both, the good and the painful, even shameful; with intuition guided by your soul and wise one within, look back into your past, all the way back, allow yourself to see within this treasure chest any objects and within the book of memories, that represent a time in your life of scarcity, self-sabotage, shame, fear, again allow your soul and intuition to show you.
  • Take all of the objects and any pages from the book of memories.
  • Go over all of the objects/pages found in your chest, place all into the fire pit.
  • Now choose one to three of the objects out of the ones you just discarded to keep. Place these objects to the side of the pit.
  • Now with the sacred flame of healing and love, allow this flame to be lite and to see a cleansing fire in the pit, all of objects/memory pages and white chest into the pit are now dissolved and burned away through the sacred fire. Thank those objects and experiences with love and gratitude, be willing to release them 100% and take some time to feel a new power and energy growing from within you.
  • Now say a prayer of forgiveness for self and all, you are now free to have and welcome more in your life, all has been transformed into a new power, healing and strength.
  • Open the Gold chest, place only the objects that you choose to keep and see these objects in a new light and vision. Place into this treasure chest all that you would desire, new objects/words that represent the new empowered you.
  • With the ashes from the fire and burned objects, throw them into the wind to land and fertilize your new dreams, healing intentions and desires.
  • Sit in this beautiful garden and let your soul feel the grace of transformation, freedom and be empowered by this ritual, letting time and spirit manifest and bless your Gold Treasure Chest and all that you desire and shall have and be.

Meditation Complete

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

Miracles Now…

What constitutes as a Miracle may vary for some or for many, as people we all have different ideas, needs of what a miracle is. Before going deeper into this weeks Wisdom Blog post, I am inspired to share a few stories based on truth and my own experiences of what a miracle is and can be.

From The Reading Table

A lovely soul came to my reading table for a consult when I was doing readings full time. She was in bad shape and her energy was way low, depressed. She told me she had just been diagnosed with cancer, I stopped the reading and said, have you prayed for a Miracle, what she said has stayed with me till this day, she replied that she did not know how to ask or feel worthy. Then and there we closed our eyes and I lead her with a prayer to ask spirit for a miracle for her that day. Praying and asking for wisdom and guidance is second nature to me and I thought everyone did this or knew this. I pray she received her Miracle and that healing empowered her to know she is worthy of all blessings in this world.

The Gift Of Food

The gift of food or money to a person, be it a stranger on the street or someone you know who is without and in need of a hand up, yes it’s a hand up never a hand out when we share. This is a most powerful empowering act of grace you can do for someone who is hungry and is without. It lifts them up into the grace of hope, mana from heaven and to the receiver this is a Miracle and a much-needed blessing, all the better done with love, compassion, and a prayer.

My mantra as of last week is Miracles Now and in case, I forget which I will not, have posted it in purple marker on paper on my wall. Not a bad mantra to chant and infuse with ones faith, with ones prayers and then as with all intentions and prayers requested, we allow the divine to coordinate the timing and circumstances for learning, healing and mastery while it is delivered.

As the above stories share, it is not the size of what makes a Miracle a Miracle, but the blessing that arrives when one has prayed in earnest for spirit to intercede and gift us with the miracle and the faith of grace to believe, Miracles Now…..

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

A Letter To God…

Dear God, Spirit Divine, Buddha, Universal Life Force, Heaven Divine, however and whom ever the Grace that you pray to.

Writing a letter to God to unburden your heart with any and all that has come to baffle, confuse and no matter how far down the spiritual path and put into play all of the teachings, if you find yourself this day with quandaries, situations be they emotional, financial, healing that is needed, the worlds problems, what ever it may be.

Know this, there is no problem, no burden, no request regardless the size that cannot be transformed through spirits eminent grace for answered prayers and Miracles.

Dear god, I give you this letter and all that is written here, I can do no more, I leave all that is written here in your powerful very capable hands and I say thank you for your reply and unburdening me with the light that is you for answering this letter, in belief in you, Miracle’s, I leave all with you…

Thank you and Amen…your humble messenger…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

7 Days Of Space Blessings Bliss

The Positive Benefits Of Space Blessing For Creating Sacred Space

  • Create and attracts good Chi in order to maintain positive energy flow
  • Opening a space to welcome in more abundance and lasting prosperity
  • Contributes to one living with better health and wellness, body, mind, soul, and spirit
  • Removes energetic blocks to attracting more of what you want
  • The release and clearing of stagnant negative energy and imprints
  • Up levels one’s ability to stay connected to spirit, more grounded and balanced
  • Opens up your space and life to allow the generous universe to have a space to place your blessings intentions and new heart desires

Greetings All,

Space Blessing Bliss is the title for my new on line E learning, which invites you to join me to receive by E mail over a 7 day period all of my best resources, practices and studies that I have used and created since 2001, benefiting and the lives and spaces of many clients world over and this includes my own spaces for work and living.

The 7 days welcome all from the novice to the Master practitioner who would like to incorporate these teachings into their professional healing work and Reiki practice.

We maintain our grace and balance by looking inward, Energy Feng Shui & Space Blessing rituals works with our intuition connected to spirit, to guides us in setting up our space, to be the grounded anchor that holds us at all times, through changes globally, within our own healing journey, so that we are inspired by an up lifting energy that holds us in harmony, abundance, wellness vitality and strength.

Registration is now open

Looking forward to connecting via these special Space Blessing Bliss rituals and teachings and positive Energy Feng Shui, Michael

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

The Healing Medicine Of Prayer & Spirit

Prayer always connects me to the best parts of my soul, the inner light that moves and relates beyond earthly fears, projections of fears and judgments, and keeps me in tune with spirit, my own soul growth and light, the divine, my God of grace and loving compassion.

Of late, I think of new ways to describe some of the work I offer as a healer, intuitive and a spiritualist in my sessions. I now view what comes through from the healing wisdom and years of practice, learning, spiritual mastery of some and teachings, the ability to show each souls picture puzzle connected through their healing and life path, than the wisdom and healing that comes through offers pieces to the puzzle that can up lift, heal and validate, again ones connection to soul and spirit.

Medicine for the soul is what all good Spiritual teachers, healers, mystics, books and practices offer the seeker when seeking answers beyond logic mind of how to just feel innately better, more grounded and sane amongst trying times, when many others may be caving to fear or group mind of the worst case scenario.

To be validated and lifted up from wisdom and healing passages that has its base in the divine, will always offer the good medicine that empowers, ignites a fire of belief beyond the visible, and this place of wisdom and power becomes your scared space of home, prayer and the grace that is always available when we reach out to spirit, the force of love is real, just as the force of healing wisdom and the light from your prayers remains constant as spirit walks with you.

Shine on fellow soul travels, Michael

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 202

Be Empowered, Stay Empowered With Spirit As Your Co-pilot

We empower ourselves and this new life journey unfolding by remembering Spirit is our source and at the center of who we are and all we do. We are empowered by healing, understanding why we heal and the purpose to go deeper within beyond the surfaces of what is always so visible to the eye.

Being Empowered to me is not a modern catch phrase invented by some motivational speaker, the term may get overused, but it is never boring or placed in the OK we get it, next pile. Every time, I hear the word Empowered or see it used in an article by a Master teacher to inspire others to stay their course in their life.

I am thankful, yes being empowered, finding how to stay empowered as the world and roads change moment to moment remains one constant blessing we can open up to, pray for and live in our new now and becoming.

We empower our soul and spiritual stamina by positive self talk, by praying for the wisdom, healing and the courage we need to create, attract and welcome in new changes and blessings, we empower ourselves when we give gratitude and share what we have and honour those who walk with us, perhaps the path different but the destination, a desired good for all to live with grace, dignity and self-respect.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020