Be Empowered, Stay Empowered With Spirit As Your Co-pilot

We empower ourselves and this new life journey unfolding by remembering Spirit is our source and at the center of who we are and all we do. We are empowered by healing, understanding why we heal and the purpose to go deeper within beyond the surfaces of what is always so visible to the eye.

Being Empowered to me is not a modern catch phrase invented by some motivational speaker, the term may get overused, but it is never boring or placed in the OK we get it, next pile. Every time, I hear the word Empowered or see it used in an article by a Master teacher to inspire others to stay their course in their life.

I am thankful, yes being empowered, finding how to stay empowered as the world and roads change moment to moment remains one constant blessing we can open up to, pray for and live in our new now and becoming.

We empower our soul and spiritual stamina by positive self talk, by praying for the wisdom, healing and the courage we need to create, attract and welcome in new changes and blessings, we empower ourselves when we give gratitude and share what we have and honour those who walk with us, perhaps the path different but the destination, a desired good for all to live with grace, dignity and self-respect.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

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