The Healing Medicine Of Prayer & Spirit

Prayer always connects me to the best parts of my soul, the inner light that moves and relates beyond earthly fears, projections of fears and judgments, and keeps me in tune with spirit, my own soul growth and light, the divine, my God of grace and loving compassion.

Of late, I think of new ways to describe some of the work I offer as a healer, intuitive and a spiritualist in my sessions. I now view what comes through from the healing wisdom and years of practice, learning, spiritual mastery of some and teachings, the ability to show each souls picture puzzle connected through their healing and life path, than the wisdom and healing that comes through offers pieces to the puzzle that can up lift, heal and validate, again ones connection to soul and spirit.

Medicine for the soul is what all good Spiritual teachers, healers, mystics, books and practices offer the seeker when seeking answers beyond logic mind of how to just feel innately better, more grounded and sane amongst trying times, when many others may be caving to fear or group mind of the worst case scenario.

To be validated and lifted up from wisdom and healing passages that has its base in the divine, will always offer the good medicine that empowers, ignites a fire of belief beyond the visible, and this place of wisdom and power becomes your scared space of home, prayer and the grace that is always available when we reach out to spirit, the force of love is real, just as the force of healing wisdom and the light from your prayers remains constant as spirit walks with you.

Shine on fellow soul travels, Michael

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 202

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