7 Days Of Space Blessings Bliss

The Positive Benefits Of Space Blessing For Creating Sacred Space

  • Create and attracts good Chi in order to maintain positive energy flow
  • Opening a space to welcome in more abundance and lasting prosperity
  • Contributes to one living with better health and wellness, body, mind, soul, and spirit
  • Removes energetic blocks to attracting more of what you want
  • The release and clearing of stagnant negative energy and imprints
  • Up levels one’s ability to stay connected to spirit, more grounded and balanced
  • Opens up your space and life to allow the generous universe to have a space to place your blessings intentions and new heart desires

Greetings All,

Space Blessing Bliss is the title for my new on line E learning, which invites you to join me to receive by E mail over a 7 day period all of my best resources, practices and studies that I have used and created since 2001, benefiting and the lives and spaces of many clients world over and this includes my own spaces for work and living.

The 7 days welcome all from the novice to the Master practitioner who would like to incorporate these teachings into their professional healing work and Reiki practice.

We maintain our grace and balance by looking inward, Energy Feng Shui & Space Blessing rituals works with our intuition connected to spirit, to guides us in setting up our space, to be the grounded anchor that holds us at all times, through changes globally, within our own healing journey, so that we are inspired by an up lifting energy that holds us in harmony, abundance, wellness vitality and strength.

Registration is now open

Looking forward to connecting via these special Space Blessing Bliss rituals and teachings and positive Energy Feng Shui, Michael

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

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