A Letter To God…

Dear God, Spirit Divine, Buddha, Universal Life Force, Heaven Divine, however and whom ever the Grace that you pray to.

Writing a letter to God to unburden your heart with any and all that has come to baffle, confuse and no matter how far down the spiritual path and put into play all of the teachings, if you find yourself this day with quandaries, situations be they emotional, financial, healing that is needed, the worlds problems, what ever it may be.

Know this, there is no problem, no burden, no request regardless the size that cannot be transformed through spirits eminent grace for answered prayers and Miracles.

Dear god, I give you this letter and all that is written here, I can do no more, I leave all that is written here in your powerful very capable hands and I say thank you for your reply and unburdening me with the light that is you for answering this letter, in belief in you, Miracle’s, I leave all with you…

Thank you and Amen…your humble messenger…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

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