Miracles Now…

What constitutes as a Miracle may vary for some or for many, as people we all have different ideas, needs of what a miracle is. Before going deeper into this weeks Wisdom Blog post, I am inspired to share a few stories based on truth and my own experiences of what a miracle is and can be.

From The Reading Table

A lovely soul came to my reading table for a consult when I was doing readings full time. She was in bad shape and her energy was way low, depressed. She told me she had just been diagnosed with cancer, I stopped the reading and said, have you prayed for a Miracle, what she said has stayed with me till this day, she replied that she did not know how to ask or feel worthy. Then and there we closed our eyes and I lead her with a prayer to ask spirit for a miracle for her that day. Praying and asking for wisdom and guidance is second nature to me and I thought everyone did this or knew this. I pray she received her Miracle and that healing empowered her to know she is worthy of all blessings in this world.

The Gift Of Food

The gift of food or money to a person, be it a stranger on the street or someone you know who is without and in need of a hand up, yes it’s a hand up never a hand out when we share. This is a most powerful empowering act of grace you can do for someone who is hungry and is without. It lifts them up into the grace of hope, mana from heaven and to the receiver this is a Miracle and a much-needed blessing, all the better done with love, compassion, and a prayer.

My mantra as of last week is Miracles Now and in case, I forget which I will not, have posted it in purple marker on paper on my wall. Not a bad mantra to chant and infuse with ones faith, with ones prayers and then as with all intentions and prayers requested, we allow the divine to coordinate the timing and circumstances for learning, healing and mastery while it is delivered.

As the above stories share, it is not the size of what makes a Miracle a Miracle, but the blessing that arrives when one has prayed in earnest for spirit to intercede and gift us with the miracle and the faith of grace to believe, Miracles Now…..

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

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