Wealth In The Garden Meditation

This specific meditation is very powerful and healing, it was created by yours truly for one of my on line E classes and now is included in my latest E class that starts tomorrow, 7 Days Of Space Blessing bliss. May this Meditation, which I love doing and sharing, provide you with an inner landscape to hold you in grace and bring forth the blessings.

You can do this meditation as many times as you need. Though in this case, do it once at the beginning of your program and allow to intergrade over your coarse time frame.

You can record this or you can read over a few times and then do, the choice is yours.

Meditations Begins:

Bring your self into a place of centeredness and peace. Take some cleansing breaths. You are now in a beautiful opulent nature setting, lots of flowers, green grass, trees and open spaces.

  • Surround yourself with violet and gold light, like a ceremonial blanket, invite your child self and all parts of you to join in this magical setting and be willing to receive.
  • There are two treasure chests in front of you, one is the color of white and the other is gold. Off to the side of these chests, dig a large circle pit in the ground.
  • Open the white one, there you will find your book of memories, this book of memories is filled with both, the good and the painful, even shameful; with intuition guided by your soul and wise one within, look back into your past, all the way back, allow yourself to see within this treasure chest any objects and within the book of memories, that represent a time in your life of scarcity, self-sabotage, shame, fear, again allow your soul and intuition to show you.
  • Take all of the objects and any pages from the book of memories.
  • Go over all of the objects/pages found in your chest, place all into the fire pit.
  • Now choose one to three of the objects out of the ones you just discarded to keep. Place these objects to the side of the pit.
  • Now with the sacred flame of healing and love, allow this flame to be lite and to see a cleansing fire in the pit, all of objects/memory pages and white chest into the pit are now dissolved and burned away through the sacred fire. Thank those objects and experiences with love and gratitude, be willing to release them 100% and take some time to feel a new power and energy growing from within you.
  • Now say a prayer of forgiveness for self and all, you are now free to have and welcome more in your life, all has been transformed into a new power, healing and strength.
  • Open the Gold chest, place only the objects that you choose to keep and see these objects in a new light and vision. Place into this treasure chest all that you would desire, new objects/words that represent the new empowered you.
  • With the ashes from the fire and burned objects, throw them into the wind to land and fertilize your new dreams, healing intentions and desires.
  • Sit in this beautiful garden and let your soul feel the grace of transformation, freedom and be empowered by this ritual, letting time and spirit manifest and bless your Gold Treasure Chest and all that you desire and shall have and be.

Meditation Complete

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

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