Creative Energy Feng Shui For Positive Living

Creative thoughts/ideas to bless your life and space in two minutes

A new week begins and a new month of December comes in as well, here are some positive tips Ideas in how to shift energy from within oneself and for ones surroundings, this is from Day 7 of my recent E class 7 Days Of Space Blessing Bliss, quick, no muss no fuss, that do contribute and have the potential in the positive to shifts ones energy and emotional well being.

  1. Wherever you are, be it at home or out in the world in any situation, take a moment and if your alone you can say these words out loud or quietly to yourself as you walk around your home. “I bless this space with love, I bless my home with love, I bless my furnishing, my clothes, my life, my person, all that I hold dear with love”
  • Pre beginning my day heading out to work or the world. I usually take a few moments in prayer or in quiet thoughts and I set a higher intention as to how I would like my day to be. I say this to myself and I find by doing this, it does set an intention from a higher vibration, yes life and problems will happen but it certainly does not hurt to give this a try. I find it extremely helpful and adds to my day in the positive.
  • Have a mantra that you can quote to yourself through out the day, I use this one a lot as it ties into Energy Feng Shui and the Law Of Attraction.  Mantra “I am a magnet for divine good, blessings and Miracles” why not, give your soul and energy a lift, it all contributes in the positive, its like reminding yourself pre speaking, to be mindful of your words to another or saying to self pre answering a request or speaking when things are stressful in a work environment, not always easy to do, but I like this one said to self, “What would love do? What would peace do” pre replying.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

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