When Done Is Done…

There is an old saying, that was meant to inspire one to ask the question, have you stayed to long at the fair? All good things must come to an end was another one, yet if it is a good thing, then it does not need to end, perhaps just needs a revamp in order for one to continue on their path, adding to the good stuff.

Having just rewrote a whole new series of the positive effects of learning space blessing via Energy Feng Shui. One of the most profound and life changing practices from that E class selection, was the exercise that invites the client to write out a list of what you are done with, this list includes both inner and outer.

Endings of any kind are never made easy by prolonging the inevitable or with any type of false resistance that is not serving. Endings are a type of psychological emotional response to your soul saying, ok, I no longer want to do this, live this way, or think this way. This also includes the way you may relate and speak to yourself or allow yourself to be taken advantage as an over giver, as most empaths can fall prey to until they develop expert selfcare and healthy in the world boundaries.

What is done? Completed from one’s life be it an actual physical location, a job, a relationship, an old way of seeing and doing things. Does not have to be a dramatic event, though if spirit has been ever so gently trying to get your attention for your own good, it may happen in a fashion that leaves ones breathless for a time.

You rule your destiny was a poster I saw many years ago hanging overhead in a neighbour’s design studio. That statement has stayed with me since then, which was way back in the 1994, a different time in our world from today obviously. We are meant to learn from our past; we embrace the learning and release the pain if there is pain or sorrow connected to a past for a decision that needs to be made.

Awareness + Intuition + Life Experiences offers us the ability to open and connect with our many wisdoms and helpers in the unseen, hence the grace of living and walking a spiritual path. All teachings are with us to heal, to direct and to empower, for what is done is done, no point in looking back like coyote to see if that really was steam roller coming down the street in your direction. Move forward to the beat of your own energy in now time, the best place to revamp and reinvent, when done is done.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020

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