Words That Hold Meaning

Tis the season, a time across the world we call Christmas, the season may hold all types of meaning and memories for many different reasons. I was going to call this week’s blog post Miracles are real. Instead, I have chosen to share some of my favorite words that just place me into that flow of grace and positive hope when I see them, say them, feel them or write about them.

A few of my favorite words…I Love Them All….

GRACE, is an energy that comes and we feel its essence in our soul as in the Grace of spirit is with us, Grace arrives after a trying time, a dark night of the soul and shines on us like the warmth of the sun, a knowing within that all is well and blessed, Grace….

FAITH, is what brings us into that place of endless possibilities above all else, when prayed for, it becomes real as in an energy

MIRALCES, a season or more is never enough, large, small and Miracles are always welcomed and can be interpreted by the one who prays and receives one, they could be an everyday occurrence, yet as humans I am not sure if we are ready or can handle such a fact or a possibility, I am ready are you?

POSITVE HOPE, without Hope where are we, where do we end up, Hope comes in to restore faith and to set our sails to sailing in the right direction, Hope to stay in the positive flow of faith

SPIRIT BLESINGS, each day there are so many, life itself is a blessing no matter what the emotional forecast or what changes come to be, the learning inside of all challenges creates Masters

PRAYER, what I love to do and believe in, the steppingstone to so many Miracles, prayers do get answered, they may not be as one had wished but soul sisters and brothers they do, look for the learning and within that lays more blessings

MANIFEST, we are kings and queens of manifesting when we get out of our own way and let spirit drive the bus, we do our part and then let the Gods step in

COCREATE, is how we walk hand in hand with spirit, our unseen heavenly helpers, angels and guides and use that great internal power called intuition beyond rhyme or reason, yup it is so

RISK, is what the warrior takes when a new adventure calls and its time to pick up your bed and walk, when we risk beyond our fear and comfort zones, then we are the rulers of our own destiny

COURAGE, again something to pray for beyond the material, for when you have courage with faith and spirit at the center of your life, you are the leader and the cocreator of great things large, small, to begin anew takes courage and no looking back, living one day at a time and one step at a time

INTO THE BEARS CAVE, what I do when my body, mind and spirit needs to unplug from the world and all the work I love to do and share with the world, we all need time in the cave to heal, to rest and restore, away from others, to sit in the quiet and just be and this can also mean lots of good K dramas, Netflix and Ice cream

SAGE, love the smell of burning sage, the white buffalo loose leaf kind, that clears away the old energy or imprints from a hectic life or when you have been in and around to much stress, our ancestors knew best, burn a little sage and create the smoke to attract the blessings and the Miracles…

Merry Christmas one and all, and may a season and more trimmed with Miracles with your name on it be with you, Michael

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2020  

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