Preparing For The New & The New Year 2021

Preparing For The New & The New Year 2021

Prepare for your good and make it so while doing so. I love the new, as in a new energy in my “Om” home after doing a space blessing, a new journal, fresh flowers, new ideas and soul solutions that will help others while inspiring my own need for change and fulfilling new creative urges, all new and welcome in.

New and preparing for the new and the new year offers each soul in our new now, the individual power to remain in one’s power and grace by releasing what no longer serves, be it an attitude, a belief whose time has come to change, an energy, clothes, things and relationships all types, that have served for a time, but as in all things come to change and pass, we say goodbye and release with love and gratitude, and again we prepare for our new good.

I choose to welcome in the new constantly, be it a teaching or an idea or new home décor that has been calling to me, for each time we release, we open the gateway for the new that is in alignment with who we are in now time, who we have become and are growing into, amongst this healing and transformative time in our world.

Not sure where to start, start with a pen and paper by jotting down your ideas of what the new and the new year means to you at this time in your life and our world. What needs to come in, what needs to go and what part of your imagination feels held up but is ready to come forth and assist with your creating a new year and a new time, that speaks to your soul and how you choose to live your life, light, and purpose.

May this new year, ring in the blessings that when constant change arrives, we view from a healing perspective and use all of our creative soul tools to adapt, create and continue to welcome in the new, with an eye on the center of what the new can offer us beyond what is no longer.

Happy New Year 2021 from Michael @ New Wisdom Blog

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