A Love Note To Self 2021…

As I was browsing through a few of my favorite on line wisdom sites that offer Hope, Inspiration and Thoughts to encourage Positive Living, I came across this recommendation, sharing a way to show love to yourself or to feel better and good about self amongst our new now in 2021, is to write a love note to self.

I will start, then you give it a try on your own, this cannot hurt, any recommendation from a loving spiritual soul place is always there to cheer one on.

A love note to self 2021…

I just love the way you show your courage and loving compassion in all situations when faced with adversity and adverse vibes such as the opposite of love, calm peace and faith, keep going and love yourself even more….now keep going and wow, talk about spiritual growth, nice!!!

Now Your Turn…

There are probably more than you think on your list of ways to show and express a love note to self, show this love and kindness to self, the same way you show to others you care for in your life, as well as how you treat your business colleagues, friends, clients, customers, family both soul and birth.

Self respect and worthiness goes a long way and having a sense of worthiness does open up the flood gates to new inspirations, creative ideas and the energy of grace to welcome in big abundance, yes worthiness most certainly is a nice add on to your love note to self.

I also think it to be an empowering practice that I share with my soul family and clients, to write out all of the progress one has made this past year, this will assist is setting any new year’s intentions versus rigid goals or resolutions. I prefer intentions and goals that can be shaped and changed as we change with the energy of our lives.

As we keep growing, healing and living one day at a time, so do our desires, we change with the times, we adapt, we hold to our faith in faith not fear in more fear, thus creating and attracting positive outcomes and blessings called miracles, and all from a grain of needed inspiration on a New Year’s Day, note to self, more love to self this year, allowing more love in and sharing more love outward.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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