Know Your Limits…When Too Much Is Too Much…

Knowing your limits will always come into play when you find yourself saying over and over, this is too too much, when too much is too much, then you know you need a much-needed time out. This does not have to come by any sense of great drama or serious burn out. If you are like me living in the new now, while being a healthy empath out in the world. Then you know there are added extra energetic stresses to our lives, no matter how Zen we may live and keep ourselves amongst the Urban landscape.

Too much will be too much when you find yourself over analyzing, over thinking, or doubting your words, communications, thoughts and any new creative projects, usually at this point, my selfcare soul monitor will kick in and give me a heads up as in, you know Michael you need to unplug from all for a few days. I.E note to self, love yourself tons and do the things that bring you joy.

Its not hard for me to do this, I made a loving commitment to myself a long time ago, to hear, listen and take heed from the grace of listening to my intuition when its time to stop, recharge, refuel and rejuvenate from the inside out. This includes turning off the phone, not that I use it much, long walks in my fav places in nature, writing and allowing new creative ideas to flow through, longer nights sleeps than usual with prayers and self reiki to clear, cleanse and up lift my soul back into what I call Va Va Voom magic time.

This is where you’re not just summoning up every extra ounce of grace and energy to get through your day and commitments. Being one’s true authentic self is not just about showing up in your original state and place, it also requires lots of self care, ability to say no, not over do with the pleasing and feel the vibrant light of spirit with you at all times.

Are you in that place of this is just too much?

Needing a much-needed soul break or a mind vacation from Virus madness and burnout?

Longing to feel the peace that is your natural state beyond worry and world concerns from your center?

Step one in welcoming in the answers to the above questions always start with a prayer, calming those over done nerves the best you can, your soul and spirit is always talking to you and yes even beyond and within the clutches of fear.

A helpful wisdom trick I learned a long time ago from incredibly wise teacher which I enjoy sharing with clients, close friends and soul family is saying this statement to the universe or spirit, “Please stop this, I cannot take one more day or minute of this, send me the reverse of what I have been walking through and experiencing”

In essence, this is really pulling out the big guns and your needing the universe and spirit to turn down the volume on any healing experience or life situation that you need a breather from, so your soul, mind, body and spirit can have that time of peace within, for you to feel nourished to keep on going in your light, grace and empowered strength and fortitude.

These can be crazy times, give yourself a break and love yourself even more. Yes, knowing one’s limits and respecting this at all times as you master the game of life, will and can avoid many times of hey world this is way too too much!!!

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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