Love Note To Self 2021 (Part 2)

Healing & Transformation, individual and collectively, we are all feeling and learning from this time….

There is always more than a few ways to Love Self and to learn to Love Self, it can start as a concept from the healing circles of the world, in the rooms of 12 steps programs, from a wise Grandmother, spiritual teacher, healer or Elder who has seen and witnessed much.

Love note to self part 2, that involves all of us who have chosen to heal and walk through the fires of global transformation at this time. The fires are when our collective denial or resistance is no longer stronger with a hold on us, we grow, heal and evolve, through the joined awareness of what we do to ourselves and how we love ourselves, effects everyone. Coming into this place of awareness may take many roads and years of learning, healing and loving.

Part 2 means we choose to go deeper into the light of our souls, that we are ready to stop blaming another or outside influences for all our inner discomfort, anger of dreams gone wrong or not manifested, we look within and there lays more answers and calm resolve, to reflect, heal and love self even more. Gifts from our soul and spirit, when we allow for a breathing space to exhale and begin again after some much-needed time out.

Self awareness is never about the other person and if your anything like me, choosing to work out in the world amongst all types of wonderful and not so gracious folks at different levels of soul growth, then the teachings and lessons can come fast. Our joined time in the world we all share, now calls for all of us to be aware of the bigger picture that is trying to come through, as well as the individual picture of what Healing now looks like for one and for the whole of our world, as we all travel this new time together.

Love Notes to self 2021, goes beyond saying positive affirmations, it goes to the root of who you choose to be and how you choose to live and see yourself and others at this time, as you heal, grow and evolve coming into greater self empowerment, choose a loving picture of wisdom and discernment, start there, this is the part 2 of loving one’s self even more with a now earned awareness, spiritual discernment and gratitude to be awake at the wheel at this time, for all parts of the journey, as we learn to keep writing yet more importantly showing those love notes to self and sharing outward with others.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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