Lets Talk Forgiveness…

Is Forgiveness from a healing spiritual self love perspective the antidote to????

Receiving more love…

The release of all shame and projections of shame, for when we as humans make mistakes large and small as in oy vey screw ups…

Having more abundance, flow and clarity around how to be an attractor for abundance…

Sets one free from the psychic energy cords of attachment, anger, fear and resentments from and towards another…

I answer YES to all the above statements and being willing to use Forgiveness as a healing tool to set one free, has created and allowed me to live with greater peace of mind and in the emotions. When we are lost in a constant story of uncomfortableness from the past or the present, then how in spirits name can we be all that we can be, how can our true intentions to live a life of abundance, service and in harmony with our intentions, how can they come through or better yet magnetize towards us with ease and grace.

Not ready yet, if you think offering up prayers of forgiveness for others just is not possible? Then take an honest look within, take the look inward with loving compassion and ask your soul self, are you ready, are you at peace about all in the now? Have tried everything but forgiveness, then it cannot hurt, give it a shot and allow the healing graces of forgiveness to come into your essence, and set the sails of your heart energy free to grow forward in peace.

If we ever needed more forgiveness, self love and peace to take root and shower this world and our beings with those brilliant light angels, it is now. I have written and spoken of Forgiveness many times over the years. I believe it to be a healing grace that when prayed for, when the old resentments want to come on in, or someone else has stepped on my toes, be it intentionally or by mistakes, triggers do not know the difference. Forgiveness then sets all into a needed renewed energy and a wise empowered feeling and perspective, the pain, the hurt then dissipates and that space is now filled with love.

Words only hold value and meaning when backed by an action. Why would one not at least give forgiveness a go to know peace, to know greater flow in all areas of one’s life and to finally be free of any lingers weeds of a past, person, place, situation or thing that no longer serves. We forgive and have the willingness to try, then the graces and spirit step in, we are then set free to live a new story not scripted by anyone else’s power over us, but our own and we learn and we heal, and we grow in light.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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