The Victory Of The Survivor…

There is in each of us the ability to survive. I believe we can go a step further to honour and celebrate the Survivor in you, in all of us. I learned that I am a survivor through many of life’s challenges, good times, bad time, times that required in my own healing journey to go deeper, to dig deeper to the route of the pain and the issues that held me hostage, beyond my own understanding till I embraced the learning, the healing and released the pain.

Being a survivor can also have its roots in our birth ancestry, if you look back or have had the opportunity to go back, these shared linages that can pull us way back into the past, can call to you, and lend you the strength that many of our ancestors had to walk through, the times in this world that one can only imagine or be seen in movies. There is great power in calling out to the ones in our ancestry who have gone before us, to share their strength with you.

The Survivor within is the warrior the goddess who never gives up and like the road runner from the old yet always entertaining bugs bunny cartoons, always rises up no matter how many times flattened or has had to summon up that survivor’s courage, grace, strength, linage and faith, to keep growing forward with an inner knowing that inspires and encourages, we can always start again in each new day and moment. That in itself offers such a much needed breathe of fresh air for one’s spirit.

I wrote of this yesterday about my own stories of being a survivor that at one time, that was all I needed reminding of, spoken to me by a wise soul when I needed to hear that the most, the words “you are a survivor”. I felt the post needed a more up lifting take/empowering tone to further honor and celebrate each one of us who is a survivor, hence this new version, be it from life, horrendous abuse, unfair treatment as in being cast out, bullied or shamed wrongly.

A Survivor from one who has walked the healer’s road with a sword that is filled with prayer and tools to overcome, is never a victim for long and if in fact one was a victim at one time or another, that inner survivor will always lead you out of any and all victimization through the power that is within each of us. The awakened survivor will follow the guidance from intuition backed by spirits grace and all of their angelic forces and helpers in the unseen, leading you once again out of adversity and onto a new victory.

The victory may be hard won to overcome certain triggers, life passages, our new now in how to be an astute adapter and navigator, the ability to speak up, to maintain one’s calm grace in the face of all outer insanity but knows innately how to make sense of what does not. May the survivors walk now be filled with greater inner peace, self approval and the freedom of knowing without a doubt, you have and will always survive and rise to the top of the mountain as the Eagle does.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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