Gratitude is one of my favorite graces…

Gratitude for the Usui and Holy Fire Reiki and the life of the founder of the Usui Reiki method, linage and origins of Reiki Dr Mikao Usui and the powerful healing benefits of Reiki in our world

Gratitude brings light into the dark corners where the illusions of lack and scarcity try to live

Gratitude reminds us to give what we seek

Gratitude for our spiritual teachers and healers who put their work and themselves out there in the world to inspire, heal and lift us up into better circumstances and that includes a new way of seeing things

Gratitude for all who come to prayer at this time in the world, be it in groups, in circle and alone before their altars of hope and shared grace each day, thank you

Gratitude for the light and answers that the act of prayers brings to one’s soul and spirit

Gratitude to those wonderful souls that embrace and love us and become our soul family

Gratitude is the purifier of obstacles that do not need to be there

Gratitude begets more and activates flow and magnetizes abundance from within

Gratitude assist with keeping all of one’s energy and focus in now time

Gratitude to serve

Gratitude encourages ones to count your blessings, to focus on the good that is with you

Gratitude, I give thanks that I can hear spirit guide my ship when I surrender and bow in grace and say Thank You…

And so it is….Gratitude, a worthy place to place one’s thoughts right at the forefront of one’s life and light….Gratitude…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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