Stillness, Entering The Silence…

That space of stillness calls to you, it’s the call to entering into the sacred, the space is within. Inside of this space is the silence far away from all inside and outside chatter. The world is full of chatter these days, disgruntled politics, what will happen, what is happening, Virus madness takes its toll on even the most centered Masters as in oy vey enough already.

The silence calls you; you get the heads up from your soul and from spirit when you pray to your altar seeking guidance and daily direction, the words comes as in a knowing, a feeling, the best kind of silent communication, that says, Be Still, Enter The Silence, I am with you, in that place lays the foundation of greater peace, surrender, insights from a higher ground and the grace that you seek.

Enter the silence, calm the mind, still your soul, relax into the stillness and just for this day, from one of my favorite daily prayers from St Teresa Of Avila, with a mix of Dr Usui and my own flavor added…

Just for today, let nothing disturb you

Just for today, let nothing and I add no one frighten or scare you

All things pass away, everything changes

Patience obtain all things

He who has spirit, Buddha, God in heart, and I add with faith, lacks for nothing…Spirit alone will suffice…

Entering the silence, being meet by the stillness of your soul and there it is, the magic of rebirth, inner peace, and a renewed perspective…just for this day, just for this moment…be lifted up by this and allow it to be enough and fill you up beyond the threads of fear and worry…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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