Things To Never Forget, Worth Remembering…

Hello All…

Today is free flow for my writings and wisdom blog, normally I have an idea or healing inspiring concept that comes to me that I care to share and write about.

Things to remember that are worth knowing and to never forget

My number one favorite is this, each NEW DAY we get to start again, I love that, what a great concept, truly think of that, if yesterday or last year was a bust, then today in this moment, we get to start again fresh amen to that

The full moon is on this Friday and there are many ways to view a full moon, some like to do rituals and love the full moon, for me I batten down the hatches, lay low and pray for extra discernment and peace, its the psychic intuitive in me

Mercury Retrograde, does not mean to go all crazy, the cosmic calendar of life and energies is all about what brings healing and up dating and this time offers this

No prayer goes un answered and yes Miracles are real and are there for the asking

There is no substitute for the TRUTH or the grace of living with INTEGRITY

Dreams do not die because of a global Virus; they may get put on hold or ask us to dig deeper into our creative invention channels to fine tune and tweak

Patience does offer many rewards as does faith and the power to forgive

God is not deaf, as in what my soul told me and the graces gently from spirit when I kept badgering the heavens and spirit for a specific prayer/answer, hmm yup, I like this one and made me and many others smile when I share this story

OMG time to laugh, laughter from the belly and complete self forgetting of keeping it all together in control and classy is a healing balm for the soul

The best place to live, heal, transform and navigate all types of life challenges, blessings and tureens is in the now, as in now time, no looking back, no too far a head, one day at a time, and certainly this time we are all walking through is teaching us this and more

Have an amazing week fellow soul travelers and all you wonderful Reiki advocates both Holy Fire and the Usui…love self and then share that love with others…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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