Honoring Brother John “The Buddha”

“For when you have the good fortune to meet along your life path, a man of greatness, you bow to the presence of who they have always been and shall be, a welcoming friend and a soul who was called The Buddha”

This past week I lost a family member who was like a brother to me, a father and a wonderful first-class human being who personified the essence of what is to be a true mensch, Yiddish word for the best of the best, a first-class human being. Who lived his life as a teacher to many, a father, a soul mate to his wife Diane of 57+ years, a brother-in-law, a son, a grandfather, a welcoming friend and neighbor in his many communities that consisted of the academic, the sports world and the Usui Reiki to name a few?

Brother John was called the Buddha by Diane wife and soul mate. I call him brother John for he felt like a true brother to me since the day I met him at five years old. He changed my life with his always compassionate understanding and nonjudgmental attitude that he carried with him, all could feel this and his vast kindness in his presence, and so now as I did before could understand why sister Diane would call him The Buddha.

Today I bow to his essence, his grace, his big light that lingers and shines on all of us and will remain so passed on through now the generations of his grandkids, his four daughters and all who had the pleasure to know him. The spirit of a soul my belief is never dies, it may transcend into the heavens and proceed at times to other lifetimes. But I am assured today that all his Karma bank accounts are overflowing with the graces in his honor.

What do you say to the love ones who remain, there can be no words, yet we hold each other in the graces of prayer and constant fond reflection, in the love that expands and grows and blesses the now, the shared past of so many years of positive memories and the future, that will continue to hold us in the knowing of one who has created good blessings and friendship wherever he placed his Buddha like foot and spirit.

Thank you, Brother John, Michael

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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