All Things Love…

We heal with love, we awaken our herat center with love, we pray for spirit to channel love into our essence and being. This past Valintines day I was pulled or better yet, spirit got creaitve through me and inspired me to create a reading event, tittled Love Readings with Michael and inviations were sent out to my long term and new clients.

I figured now if ever we could all use a reminder to work with love in self healing and sending love outward to others and our world, is the perfect time, love like other spiritual foundations never goes out of style, we can also learn to be Love and Prosperity Miralce magnets, why not!!!

Love & Gratitude remain my two mainstays in how to keep naviating and winning at the game of life from a heart centered spiritual persepcitive. Love heals as do words, being mindlfull of the words we say to self and others does have a lasting effect both positve and the opposite.

Love goes and grows beyond the romantic, we have all kinds of love relationships, be it for a soul family, a soul community of like minded folks and or a soul twin, soul mates does not always refer to a love marriage. Soul mates come into our life to heal us and us to them, it is usualy a powerful connection joined by spirit and other life times.

This week; give your living or work space a love makover by simply saying “bless this space with love, bless my life with love, bless all whom I hold dear with love, bless my cloths and sacred objects with love”, bless this world and this day with love.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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