Healing is a big word and can conjur up all kinds of meaning, so lets start this new welcome to March blog with a questions?

What does healing look like and mean to you? If Healing is, was a color. What color would your Healing be?

Healing like life evolving and becoming is an on going process;

I have said this many times, we come to places in our evolution and healing at different stages, a trigger or life experince such as grief, our global pandemic, can ignite an old issue that you have worked on and healed many times , each time the healing takes roots and allows you to go depper to heal and up root any lingering weeds that the gift of a recent trigger can do for you,

It is a blessing or can be precieved and become a blessings, it may not be pretty getting to the other side, but if you have been on this healing wisdom and becoming journey for a while, some parts of you ( INNER WISE ONE) will whisper what to do to get on through to the other side, and the other side always arrives, gifting you even greater insight and wisdom as to what needs to happen next, and what you have healed and are healing, intuition and trust in spirit always plays a big part in ones healing and desire to heal.

Today; healing to me equals= means inner peace from having the grace, inner wisdom to feel ones feelings, stay out of the old story of ego traps of any type of thinking that says on the blue days, oy vey why am I here again? Is there no progress with this issue, the world, my life, the pandemic is way too too much, is there pogress?

YES!!! when your soul is telling you keep going, this will pass, stay in the moment, reach out to your soul family, those that speak the Healing language and understand the empowering process and what the gifts of healing is bringing to you.

The color of my helaing changes; my love and use of the good solid colors that bring in and activate beneficial up lifting positve Feng Shui will always be Red, Purple, Oranage, Gold and Green and lets not foget the healing effect of the color Tourqoise.

Shine on in your chosen colors of healing and grace…shine on…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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