The Practice Of Faith & Living A Positive Mindset…

Faith is a cultivated practice and it does take practice and a sincere desire to transform your life from worry into faith in faith, instead of faith in what else could go wrong, keep in mind, healing of any type of pattern or behaviour starts with a desire and by doing a repetitive pattern to change things.

A positive mindset we call up through our daily learnings, prayers and life experiences that show us over time, that when we pray for a renewed perception to see life through a more positive uplifting lense, then we can start to keep our thoughts trained to be in a positive mindset, this too, can take some practice and it is not always easy, but does become the up lifting norm over time when put into play.

Our new now as in the way of our global energies and new challenges invites all of us to raise our vibration into having a greater faith in faith, faith in miracles, faith in having the endurance to stay the course as we make new choices that empower us and assist us with living the positive mindset.

Love versus fear, faith over limitations, patience with perseverance and trust in our inner soul wisdom and power with the divine, to know that our lives become our purpose by living from these places that empower our inner resolve, thus growing and going outward affecting our world and all who share it.

Live your faith with gratitude, live your grace with the strength of your souls capability, live your dreams and keep cocreating regardless of where you stand today, take the moment and call up from your reserve within, the faith and positive mindset to stay open to co/creating the new, that supports a brighter day and awakening of all that is trying to heal and come into being in our world, you are the grace of our new world, shine that light of your hope, your grace and your love of being here in a time of great change, you have the tools, start with Faith and Positive Mindset.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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