A Pathway To Miracles…

Are you Miracle ready?

What are your beliefs around the topic of Miracles?

Do you believe that becoming Miracle ready is a process and a belief system?

“Miralces are the norm or ought to be, it is the human mind or lack of belief that thinks it can only happen for gigantic events”

I believe in Miracles and have witnessed what I would call miracles happening in my own life and to those of others. Miracles come in many forms and packages and yes without a doubt prayer is the prelude to all miracles.

Large, small, all types, I have been writing, speaking about, asking for, praying for and sharing thoughts on miracles in my work, my writings and with others the past many months. I do believe that we do add to the process of becoming miracle ready through the following steps.

We pray, we surrender all to spirit

We ask from our hearts

We align our thoughts and beliefs with faith, positive mindset and spirit each day

We can be each other’s miracles

A friend, spiritual advisor, our healers and soul companions can act as conduits of miracles and assist us in becoming miracle ready to receive, through their wise words of encouragement and loving support.

A stranger speaking to someone we do not know on the phone, and their conversation reminds us of something that triggers an uplifting belief in the moment.

At witts end, you pray and the boat arrives to bring you to safety, do not judge the vessel, get on the boat or follow the intuitive hit that comes, once prayed for, this is spirit in action sending a hand up and lifeline to the next right step and or action.

The tears you cry open up a path making you humble and ready to receive without resistance

A good book and or spiritual teachings that hits the mark and makes our energy and soul come alive with faith in faith not fear, is a much needed miracle

An act of kindness towards anyone, a kind word that empowers another, the generous sharing of what we have in terms of cash is always a miracle to the one who needs it

We become miracle ready by knowing all of our steps on the spiritual path prepare us to do our part, surrender and let go when it is time, pull back and wait when it is time, the graces of forgiveness also play a big part in becoming miracle ready and knowing it is a process, like life and this whole journey in our new now

Be Miracle ready, claim your good through worthiness, through expressions of gratitude, through faith, be open to and follow the steps along the pathway to Miracles and spirits blessings

Faith in self, in spirit, in Miracles not fear…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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