The Essence Of Hope

I can remember years ago, on my knees to spirit, asking for the grace of “HOPE” to come into my being, for I spoke these words to spirit at that time and with a few trusted soul companions after the fact, “I can live through much as I have and do spirit, but I cannot live without Hope”. Spiritual teachings speak of how hope when prayed for, can lift the energy of burdens of hopelessness as when all feels lost and hopeless.

Think of this for a moment, as we may all feel like we have been living and are living under a cloud the past year with the world virus taking up all of our time as in how to live with, get by and maintain a positive outlook with Hope in the face of so much overwhelming healing and issues, that are now rising to the suffice globally to be addressed and healed, along with living with a virus, pretty big stuff kids to adapt and live with. It can be hard to realize as in oy vey when was the last time I truly let go and relaxed into the day.

Even the most strong of us and the ones who always see the glass half full, the eternal optimist may wake up to the fact that, wow I cannot remember when we were not all living in some form of unseen must keep it together or hyper vigilance unbeknown to your own self, till this realization hits you. When in this place, I turn to spirit as I do for everything and pray for the grace of Hope to come into me, refuel with Hope, even if the dark night is with me and all else falls to the wayside.

We pray for Hope, we reach for Hope and then the light of Hope which is one of the graces from the heavens and spirit enters, and we start from there, in this moment in this day and know, somewhere perhaps not in this time zone of the now, that Hope and the ability to co/create and make plans for new dreams and a hopeful future and present for all is and will unfold.

Hope in a time of uncertainty calls us back into the true powerful one that we are, always aligning with Spirit, to give comfort to our souls and positive mindsets that is tired of the Covid madness and the not knowing, at least with Hope and Spirit at the center of our ships, the waves may rock the boat but will not bottom out. Hope bless me, hope walk with me and lend me your light, HOPE….

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021 

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