The Truth Behind Living Real…

The pitfalls to living an authentic life, well there are none, there may be growth pains of healing awareness that one needs to do, but the valley and peaks of being an awake soul is well worth the journey in living real. Roadblocks that may appear but only to guide you into a new level of healing, adapting wisdom and the teachings that are presented to those who long to live boldly in the driver’s seat of their own convictions, this goes beyond being self centered, yet self directed with spirit as your copilot.

Living real; requires that you come to peace fast each and every day of any unexpected setbacks that may appear, yet as you work on through them, to be seen as a blessing as a later date, understanding how to be an empowered soul while living in the now and adapting with the flow of the winds of change and not against. Beating to your own drum and this invites you to have greater compassion for self and others, not on the same page or path. Again compassion, humility, bravery, kindness are the true signs and traits of one who lives real like the awakened spiritual warrior or goddess.

The Rebel, The Inventor, The Trailblazer, The Spiritual Zen Master are but a few ways to describe the authentic personality who is a devotie to keeping it and living real and this means, not worrying about any social media post not getting a 1.000 likes, better yet the true trailblazer and the one who is living real would not care or indulge in the worrying of the likes or most probably would have that feature turned off any way. Their T shirt will read Anonymity Is The New Fame or needs to be at this point. There is something to be said for the times one travels under the radar, allowing you time and space to intergrade and create the new.

Bold in the driver’s seat as in fortune favors the bold, we all know the saying well to be truly authentic and emotionally free, is to live that statement yet this does not mean we will not have to walk through or pass through the times of fear that come to visit and test our resolve, and if ever there was a global time of more than enough fear seeping through the cracks of what we as a whole are trying to heal, it is felt daily. Yet adapting and living it does take a certain amount of courage, astuteness, imagination, practices that support living real, an organic spiritual base that suits your true nature, a belief in self and one’s intuition and tenacity.

Are you living real?

Have you uncovered the hidden gems within this new now time on the planet that make you want to live real each day?

Who inspires you to keep it and live real on your journey?

I love this saying Miracles are lived and prayed for in the present not the past, so all of you fellow travelers on the path of real, keep going and growing, shine on your authentic powerful creative you, for by doing this, the energies inspire, uplift and encourage others to do the same…

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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