Being A Magnet For Divine Good…

When I first came across and connected to this old school yet always in tune with ones abilty to attract the blessings with ease, faith and grace, “I am a magent for divine good”, the saying first came to me through one of the books on prosperity teachings and learnings by Florence Scovel Shinn and Catherine Ponder.

I love the idea of the example of this one as well, think of a magnet, its power is within and its abiity to attract through stillness, the same goes for how a lion or tiger hunts as a powerful healer once describe to me, these wonderful cats just sit in the sun and with their ingrained instincts, they do not waste their eneryg running here and there. We as faith filled spiritual practioners would take heed to that positve example. Stillness with faith once you have done your part in combination with spirit and the generous universe, then does the job beautifully bringing the blessings.

Inside of the waiting is an opportunity to stretch, co/create , use your imagaining power and also offers an invitation to just let go and be. This can be the hard part especially if your inner lanscape and beleif system has adopted over time, to energies that are fear based such as worry, or to try to control everything. It does take practice, time, grace, prayer and patience to get to this place I am conveying, that place of faith in faith not fear, to attract with ease and the grace of an inner worthyness that feels worthy to attract and receive the blessings.

Let the old tapes that do not support a new wellness, health, prosperity living story fade away, make peace with your path, do the steps of forgivness, reach out to others on the same path that speak your spiritual language and have the abilty like you to hold the vibration of Abundance and the belief in Miracles, pray and pray again to be this person of faith and is the magnet atracting divine good.

Michael @ New Wisdom Blog 2021

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